Tourists wanted to travel around the world to experience how it is like from half the world away. This is why very many put their time, effort and money on traveling. Aside from the different experiences and memorable moments that could happen if they visit a certain place, they will surely learn about different cultures.

In Asia, one of the best choices to visit is Tokyo, named to be world’s most populated city. It is the capital of Japan wherein different tourists are visiting and moving as well to find perfect and excellent opportunities for them. The city has a lot to offer like entertainment, shopping and their rich culture. Its architecture is also something unique to the city and thus the country of Japan.

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It is a well-established city up to today because they appreciate the system of their government. Since it is a well-established city, people wanted to open business in order to have wealthy life. Tokyo alone is over populated, but the source of income within the city is huge. The people residing in this city are overwhelmed with the blessing they receive from above.

Accommodation and Night Life

Several people would say that when they travel to a certain place that is commonly over populated is often associated with jungle. Within the jungle in that city, it can wretched those tourists who visits for the first time. At night, many people would pack their selves in vehicles like trains and taxis to enjoy night life with the vast population of the city.

Tourists often stay in hotels that are exquisite and expensive. These hotels are sometimes fully booked because of the massive attack of tourists who wanted to experience living in hotels in that city. They wanted to know how it would cost them if they stay in one expensive hotel. But the fact keeps growing that tourist should plan and budget their expenses to accommodate their self with the healthy living in that city. They all know that different kinds of night life open to them but it would make their life miserable if they would not enjoy. It is perfect for lovers who are in a date or honeymoon which makes their relationship grow stronger. Most girls desired to experience how their partner would treat them in romantic place like Tokyo.


There are questions on how people can get to the city of Tokyo. There are different means of transportation which they can use to reach the city. Tourists can travel by air, land and water. Traveling by air can be in two types, either the use of private airplane or a public plane that is regularly commuting passengers to and from the city. There are two big airports in the heart of the city, Narita and Haneda Airport. Narita Airport is the international main gateway while the busiest airport is the Haneda Airport though domestic flights are their priority. They can travel by land also with the use of train, cab and buses, if they want to travel by train, they can use the Tokyo Station. Tourists can travel to and from the northern part of Japan via the Ueno, while on the western part they can take Shinagawa. Another option is to use private hired cars. Tourists are not recommended to travel by car because the city is very congested and traffic is really unpleasant. Doing so will only annoy and piss them because the vehicle they are into cannot pass in an open area once the traffic begins. Another means of transportation is by bus where different buses are servicing the people of Tokyo to other areas and places. The buses found in the city maybe private or public in which the drivers of these private and public buses are professional and licensed to operate the buses. Travelling by bus is cheaper compared to any private vehicle but travelling by train is more convenient. Terminals are spread thru the city since many buses are taking the long distance travel. Lastly, tourists can travel by water using boats. Travelling by water will make it easier for them because traffics are sometimes seen. Water has a wide space to accommodate all boats travelling to Tokyo. The city has international and domestic ferry amenities to all area of Japan. The terminal for their ferry boats is known as Ariake Ferry Terminal that is situated in an imitative island from Odaiba in Tokyo Bay.


Local food can be found in Tokyo through numerous restaurants and hotels, as well as peddlers along main city streets and alleys. These food strips are serving not only their own food but different cuisines from different country. Typically, they highlight or represent their own food because these are what tourists will definitely be looking for. A local and tourist’s favorite is “sushi”, which is an original in Tokyo and is being serve anywhere in the country. Aside from that, there are a lot of food surprises that each of the restaurants and food centers in the city offers. It is imperative that tourists bring enough money to enjoy all these great local dishes and drinks in Tokyo. It is also good to do what Japanese does when they are eating. This will help if tourists want to make friends in the city. Do not forget that when they finished eating their food, drinks and beverages are always served next to gratify their taste.

The city’s main agenda is to attract more tourists and help their economy become successful. Take a note on the development of the Japan’s city which is Tokyo. The wanted to stun and impressed their visitors on how amazing their city is. Study and learn the culture of this city and once they get adapted with it, it is easier to acquired friendly and harmonious relationship with other people living in Tokyo. Most tourists spend their holidays in this place which they enjoyed and more options are fast approaching like living forever or applying for citizenship in their place.