Key features of Blockchain

Blockchain was initially created to be a decentralized library of Bitcoin transactions that take place within the Bitcoin network. A decentralized or distributed database / library basically means that storage devices, where libraries are located, are not connected to an ordinary processor. Blockchain has a growing list of transactions through blocks. Each block is timed and then linked to the previous block to become part of the block chain.
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Before computers, people kept their important documents safe, making many copies of them and storing them in impermeable steel boxes, buried treasure chests, or bank vaults. As an additional security measure, you would translate each of these documents into a secret language that only you can understand. That way, even if someone manages to break into your bank vault and steal your stuff, they won’t be able to understand your cryptic messages, and yet you’ll have plenty of backups stored in other locations.
Blockchain puts this concept on steroids. Imagine that you and millions of people are able to make copies of all your files, encrypt them with special software, and store them on each other’s digital banking repositories (computers) all over the Internet. That way, even if a hacker enters, steals, or destroys your computer, it can’t interpret your data, and your network of friends still has 999,999 backups of your files. That’s a short blockchain.

Special files, mixed with encryption software, can only be read by a few people, stored on ordinary computers, connected over the network or over the Internet. Files are called books – they record your data in a specific way. Computers are called nodes or blocks: personal computers that share processing power, storage space, and bandwidth with each other. And the network is called a string – a set of connected blocks that allow computers to work together to distribute books to each other (hence, blockchain).

The social impact of blockchain technology has already begun to materialize and this may be the tip of the iceberg. Cryptocurrency has already raised questions about financial services through digital wallets, the expansion of ATMs and lending and payment systems. Considering that there are now more than 2 billion people in the world without a bank account, this change is life-changing and can be positive.

Perhaps the change in cryptocurrencies will be easier for developing countries than the fiat money and credit card process. In a way, it is similar to the transformation that developing countries have undergone with mobile phones. It was easier to get large quantities of cell phones than to provide new infrastructure for landlines. Decentralization away from governments and control over the lives of people will take over a lot and social implications can be quite significant.

The wave of identity thefts that has hit the news in recent years should be noted. Giving people control of identification would certainly eliminate these incidents and allow people to display the information with confidence. In addition to providing access to non-poverty banking services, greater transparency can also increase the profile and effectiveness of charities working in developing countries under corrupt or manipulative governments. Increasing the level of trust in which money is channeled and for whose benefit it would lead to greater contributions and support in places in the world that are in dire need of assistance to the poor. Ironically, and not in line with public opinion, blockchain can build a financial system based on trust.

Taking it one step further, blockchain technology is well positioned to eliminate vote opportunities and all other negatives associated with the current process. Believe it or not, Blockchain can solve some of these problems. Of course, new obstacles and problems will come with a new technology, but the cycle goes on and these new problems will be solved with more sophisticated solutions.

A decentralized book record would provide all the necessary data to accurately record the votes anonymously and to verify the accuracy and manipulation of the voting process. There would be no fear of voters being able to vote in the privacy of their own homes.

It remains to be seen whether blockchain technology will become a part of everyday life. Although inflated expectations raised the possibility of an end to the central bank and the responsibilities we know today, the end of the centralized financial system is perhaps a step in the right direction so far. Time will tell how the blockchain will evolve, but one thing is for sure today. The status quo is no longer an option and change is needed.


What is Bitcoin and its features?

Introduction to Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an advanced form of currency used to buy things through online transactions. Bitcoin is not tangible, it is fully controlled and it is done electronically. Care must be taken when contributing to Bitcoin, as the cost is constantly changing. Bitcoin is used to make different exchanges of currencies, services and products. Transactions are made through a computerized wallet, which is why transactions are processed quickly. All such transactions have been irreversible because the identity of the customer is not disclosed. This factor makes it a bit difficult when deciding transactions via Bitcoin.
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Features of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is faster: Bitcoin has the ability to organize parts faster than any other way. Usually when one transfers money from one side of the world to the other, a bank needs a few days to complete the transaction, but in the case of Bitcoin, it only takes a few minutes. This is one of the reasons people use Bitcoin for online transactions.

Bitcoin is easy to set up: Bitcoin transactions are made through an address that each customer has. This address can be easily configured without going through the procedures that a bank performs while setting up the registry. Address creation can be done without any changes, credit checks or inquiries. However, any customer who wants to think about helping should always check the current cost of Bitcoin.
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Bitcoin is anonymous: Unlike banks that keep a complete record of customer transactions, Bitcoin does not. It does not track customer financial records, contact details or any other relevant information. Bitcoin wallets typically do not require significant data to function. This feature raises two perspectives: first, people believe that it is a good way to move their data away from a third party, and second, that people believe it can lead to dangerous activity.
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Bitcoin cannot be denied: When someone sends Bitcoin to someone, there is usually no chance of Bitcoin recovery if the recipient does not feel the need to return it. This feature ensures that the transaction is completed, which means that the beneficiary cannot say that they have never received the money.
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Bitcoin is decentralized: One of the main features of Bitcoin is that it is not under the control of a particular expert administration. All companies, people and machines involved in exchange verification and mining are administered as part of the system. Even if part of the system goes down, cash transfers continue.
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Bitcoin is transparent: Although only one address is used for transactions, each Bitcoin exchange is registered in the Blockchain. That way, if their personal address is used at any time, they can tell you how much money is in their wallet through Blockchain records. There are ways to increase the security of their wallets.
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Things that look positive for cryptocurrencies

Although in 2018 the cryptocurrency market underwent market adjustments, everyone agrees that the best is yet to come. There have been many activities in the market that have changed the flow for the better. With proper analysis and the right dose of optimism, anyone who invests in the crypto market can make millions from it. The cryptocurrency market will remain here for a long time. In this article, we give you five positive factors that can push further innovation and market value in cryptocurrencies.
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1. Innovation in scaling

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency on the market. It has the maximum number of users and the greatest value. It dominates the entire value chain of the cryptocurrency system. However, there were problems. Its main bottleneck is that it can only process six to seven transactions per second. In comparison, credit card transactions average several thousand per second. Apparently, there are opportunities to improve transaction scaling. With peer-to-peer transaction networks on top of blockchain technology, you can increase the amount of transactions per second.
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2. Legitimate ICOs

While the market has cryptocurrencies with a stable price, new coins are created designed for a specific purpose. Coins like IOTA are designed to help the Internet of Things exchange power currencies. Some coins address cybersecurity by providing encrypted digital repositories to store money.
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New ICOs develop innovative solutions that disrupt the existing market and bring new value to the transaction. They are also gaining credibility in the market thanks to easy-to-use exchanges and reliable backend operations. They innovate both in terms of technology regarding the use of specialized mining equipment and in the financial market, giving more freedom and opportunities to stock market investors.
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3. Clarity of regulation

In the current scenario, most governments are studying the impact of cryptocurrency on society and how its benefits can be accrued for society as a whole. One can expect that research can lead to reasonable conclusions.
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Few governments are already following the path of legalizing and regulating crypto-markets like any other market. This will prevent ignorant retail investors from losing money and protect them from harm. It is expected that in 2018 there will be Abling rules that stimulate the growth of cryptocurrencies. This will potentially pave the way for widespread adoption in the future
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4. Increase the application

There is tremendous enthusiasm about the application of blockchain technology in virtually every industry. Some startups offer innovative solutions such as digital wallets, debit cards for cryptocurrencies, etc. This will increase the number of traders willing to trade in cryptocurrencies, which in turn increases the number of users.
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The reputation of crypto-assets as a carrier of transactions will be strengthened as this system trusts more people. Although some startups may not survive, they will positively contribute to the overall health of the market by creating competition and innovation.

5. Investments of financial institutions
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Many international banks are watching the cryptocurrency scene. This may lead to the entry of institutional investors. The inflow of substantial institutional investment will push the next phase of cryptocurrency growth. This has fascinated many banks and financial institutions.
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As surprises and bottlenecks around cryptocurrencies diminish, traditional investors will be more absorbed. This will lead to the great dynamism and liquidity needed for any growing financial markets. Cryptocurrency will become the default currency for transactions worldwide.


Blockchain for Business IoT

New Horizon in the Data Sharing Framework

Blockchain is a distributed database for peer-to-peer transactions. The core of this technology is bitcoin. It is a digitally encrypted portfolio to control the transaction and payment system. This transaction management system, established in 2009, is decentralized and generally operates without intermediaries. These transactions are supported by a set of network nodes and are documented in a community library known as a blockchain.
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a cyber-physical network of interconnected computing devices, digital objects, and individuals with a unique system ID. The goal of the IoT space is to serve a single point of integration and transfer data online without the need for human or computer interference.
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There is a complicated relationship between the blockchain and the IoT. IoT business entities can find solutions using blockchain technology. The unified system can develop and record a cryptographically secured data set. These databases and records are protected against alterations and thefts if they are highly secure and the malware is protected. The couple can create transparency and accountability while moderating business development mechanisms. Blockchain itself can help reduce inappropriate workplace management, overhead, and business surprise through its connected servers. Digital books can develop a cost-effective business and management system that allows you to exchange, monitor and track anything. This process eliminates the need for a central management system, essentially eliminates a lot of bureaucratic red tape and streamlines business processes. The commercial adoption of this innovation provides an immersive platform in the IoT domain and in enterprise enterprises.
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Blockchain basically empowers connected IoT devices to participate in secure data exchanges. Businesses and business entities can use the blockchain to manage and process data on devices such as RFID assets (Radio Frequency Identification), machine readable barcodes and QR codes, infrared blasters (IR Blusters), or device information. If integrated into the business configuration, IoT edge devices can transfer blockchain-based records to update contracts or validate the communications network. For example, if an IoT-enabled and RFID-tagged asset with a sensitive geographic location and confidential information is moved to another unnamed point, the information is automatically saved and updated in a blockchain book and the necessary actions are taken if the system is assigned. As the product progresses to different locations, the system allows stakeholders to obtain the status of the package location.

To enjoy the benefits of a blockchain-enabled IoT framework, business organizations need to have four basic principles:

1. Cost Restriction

State-of-the-art devices should reduce operation processing time and eliminate IoT gateways or Internet intermediaries from the system. Because data sharing and information are communicated within the system, deleting additional protocols, programs, hardware, channels, nodes, or communications reduces overall costs.

2. Accelerate Data Exchange

Blockchain-enabled IoT can remove the IoT gateway or filter devices needed to establish a network between clouds, administrators, sensors, and devices. The expulsion of the “middle man” may allow for the sharing of peer contracts and data. In this process, the digital book eliminates the extra time required to synchronize the device and process and collect information. However, the removal of the IoT gateway provides malicious malware and channels for security breaches. Blockchains can be enabled by IoT-enabled networks, such as malware detection and encryption engines.

3. Trust Building

Through blockchain-enabled IoT space, devices and tools can virtually and physically transact and communicate as a trusted aspect. Unlike traditional businesses where transactions require security and verification, the blockchain does not require any central authentication or peer-to-peer recommendation. While the network is secure and the technology aspects are trustworthy, the IoT space does not need any more documents. For example, Group A may not know Group B, may not be physically associated, or may be reliably trusted, but the information shared within the online transaction and blockchain library book confirms the reliability of the business. This allows people, organizations, and devices to gain mutual trust, which is essential to setting up a revolving business and eliminating administrative confusion.

4. Increase IoT security

Blockchain promises to store, manage, and retrieve information from its billions of devices with a decentralized network and technology connected. This system should provide a secure network that is easy to encrypt and use. A decentralized network should provide high performance, authorization, low latency, and queries. Installing a blockchain on an IoT network can regulate and moderate data exchange through edge devices while keeping transactions and connected information on connected devices secure.

Eliminate Failure Points in IoT Space

Blockchain-enabled IoT can upgrade the supply chain network by tracing labeled items as they move through different points in an import store or warehouse while allowing for safe and accurate product delivery. The blockchain facility provides accurate and concise product assertion and robust traceability of relevant data across supply chains. Instead of finding paper trails to identify the country of origin (COO), the IoT can validate the physical confirmation of each product through a virtual “visa” that provides important information such as the authenticity and origin of the product. Blockchain can also perform product audit logs and help organizations retrieve or produce log history. It can provide secure access to the data network for administrative records or alternative plans.

Blockchain-enabled IoT is not limited to business issues or use cases. Any business entity with IoT space can increase business productivity by eliminating costs by eliminating bottlenecks, extra cycles, and single system failure points by implementing process innovation. It is in the interest of these organizations to understand, adopt, and implement the blockchain into their business solutions.

More to come …

The IoT-enabled blockchain initiated by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is the main innovation after the integration of transistors and computer systems. In terms of digitization and advanced artificial intelligence (AI), it is a break that supports the “second machine era”. Business-facing organizations are the pioneers in enjoying the fruits of this revolution. It will be unfortunate to realize that the business that these organizations are dealing with in this mega-integration business can lead systems intelligence anywhere and everywhere. Along with the new integration, this system also protects critical adaptability issues associated with distributed networks, such as privacy and data network protection, security device coordination, and intellectual property management. While many technology builders are building an open source base to address these issues, organizations and business entities should embrace and proliferate this technology to achieve greater mobility and improve the integration of products and services.

Advantages of PVC wall panels

Although they are great for wall or ceiling coverings, they can be costly and removable and unpleasant. However, there is a solution, which is PVC wall panels. These can be a great remedy if you want to quickly protect your ceiling, wall or surfaces, and you also have a fashionable look and architecture. It can be used in almost any “look” you want, from wood grain to granite look, even onyx or stone.

PVC represents polyvinyl chloride and is a remedy for plastic panels molded to specific needs. There are several advantages to wood paneling for example or other surface coverings. They are:


Unlike wood flooring or other natural components, PVC ceiling panels are durable and have very low maintenance. They remove and prevent shade changes and, compared to wood panels, for example, do not get wet or rot.

Easy to install

PVC ceiling panels are very easy to set up or install. Today most PVC panels are made in the form of a tongue and groove so that the nails are hidden. You can glue PVC wall panels to surfaces instead of nailing or stapling them. The panels are lightweight, portable and easy to use, so you don’t need any special tools.


You can find PVC wall panels in any shade, design or look you want. This means you can adapt the ceiling panel to any decor.


You may be surprised to learn that PVC panels are insulating. This can lead to higher levels of insulation in your home, beyond what you would generally see.

Easy maintenance

Unlike surface coverings, you don’t need to do anything special to maintain or clean PVC panels. All you have to do is clean it with a damp cloth.


Even if you pay a little for the PVC panels with the cover, the advantages are important compared to the surfaces that protect the accessories. Because they are very low maintenance, durable, fire resistant and easy to clean, you can put them on once and you’ll appreciate them in the years to come, with no muss, no problem.

Fire resistance

PVC panels have the highest fire resistance for interior finishes, ensuring the protection of your family.

Easily changeable

Want to quickly change the look of your space? Instead of cleaning up a space and re-papering it when you want it to look new, you can basically lower the surface sections and put in new ones quickly. It’s an easy way to change the look of a space, quickly – without unpleasant colors or paper scratches.

Wall panels can be more than just a solution. In addition to helping to secure the building’s infrastructure, they can also provide security for future maintenance and damage to the building.

From perception to performance, the expert Madaan Aluminum and Decoration Team is ready to help you with all the details of your project. In addition to offering impressive alternatives and products that we are developing, we are pleased to offer a variety of PVC Wall Panel services.

Apple IMac MK452LL / A Review – Looking for an AiO that supports 4K technology and runs Multimedia?

Sudden computers combine the power of a desktop tower with the elegance of laptops. All the reputable brands are offering AiOs now, but not all of them are the same. If it’s one that gets a lot of ratings and praise from consumers, it’s the Apple iMac MK452LL / A, with its 4K display and four-core processors.

In the construction of this computer an advanced “friction-mixing” welding technique was used so that the back and front could be joined directly. The screen has a hollow profile of 5 mm, making it a very thin and sturdy product.

Apple has done a good job of developing an impressive desktop experience by putting high-performance processors, storage and graphics inside a thin, complementary enclosure. If you can’t afford the 27-inch version of the iMac AiO, this model is the best alternative. Like the larger desktop, it still has a Retina display, capable of delivering impressive image quality, vivid colors and fully clear text.

How good is the MK452LL / A display?

The text appears so sharp that it will be like reading a printed document and not just words on a computer screen. There is a wider range of colors, so the screen can provide 25% more color than typical monitors. Every image or video you see appears in life.

The Intel Iris Pro 6200 graphics allow the graphics to work properly. The 6200 model outperforms the typical Intel HD 4600 graphics found in many major laptops. The overclocked watch is the equivalent of an AMD Radeon R (250 X) or NVIDIA GeForce GTX (no-Ti 650) video card.

Apple iMac MK452LL / A processor

The fifth-generation quad-core Intel i5 Core processor with a speed of 3.1GHz (maximum turbo speed 3.6GHz) is also found inside the Apple iMac MK452LL / A. The basic memory option for the installed LPDDR3 SDRAM is 8GB (1867MHz speed), and the hard drive has 1TB SATA (3GB / s / 5400RPM axis speed).

Expect a fast internet connection with 802.11 ac Wi-Fi technology, which offers three times the speed of the previous 802.11 n standard. Connect wireless accessories such as the mouse and keyboard with Bluetooth 4.0.

To connect peripherals and other devices, such as a digital camera or second monitor, take advantage of the Thunderbolt 2 port, which can also be doubled as a Mini DisplayPort. USB 3.0 can be used to transfer large files in a short time.

Overall, the Apple iMac MK452LL / A is a good 21.5-inch all-in-one to invest in. It is also available considering that it supports 4K technology and has impressive specifications.

It’s always a good idea to look for Apple deals online, especially when it comes to the iMac computer. Online shoppers can take advantage of Apple iMac MK452LL / A discounts that can’t be found anywhere else.

HP ENVY h8-1520t Desktop Review – A good customizable computer with plenty of options

There are plenty of mid-range desktops available today, but no one stands out as the HP ENVY models do. Especially the HP ENVY h8-1520t is a great choice for those who want a computer with a wide range of offers. It is customizable so buyers can choose and select the settings they want.

In the reviews the users seem to be happy with the speed and efficiency of the components. Not only is this system fast, it is also silent. If you’re looking for a machine that doesn’t make a lot of noise in your home or office, this is a great option.

This HP desktop looks nice with a sleek black finish and bright accents. There is a valet tray at the top to provide access to the cables. On the front, a sliding panel covers the ports to keep them hidden. The 1520t looks great in any office or home.

If you have a large number of files that you need to back up, you can request 3 hard drives (including 3) with this desktop. 1 TB comes with SATA hard drives (7200 rpm), but if you need more space you can add additional hard drives. There are also options for small ExpressCache SSD drives.

As for the optical drive, you can go with a SuperMulti DVD burner, Blu-Ray player, Blu-Ray recorder, or a combination of all three. Select the units you want when ordering the HP ENVY h8-1520t.

A desktop with a good video card can handle 3D graphics. Games, videos, and software will work well. This computer has a pretty decent video card: 1 GB with AMD Radeon HD (7570) HDMI, DVI, VGA and DP connection. You can upgrade to 2 GB AMD Radeon or switch to an NVIDIA GeForce model. The more multimedia you plan to run, the better the graphics card you will need.

The memory that the 1520t can handle is between 8 GB – 32 GB. It is up to you how much SDRAM you want to go. Most users are happy with 8GB or 10GB, but you can go with a lot more if you need to.

Finally, the HP ENVY h8-1520t is a great desktop that is available at a low price. You can tell how much memory and storage space you need. It is also up to you which graphics card and optical drive (s) you want to use. With all the settings, you can easily convert the computer of your dreams.

HP Omni 27-1210xt Review – What Makes This All-in-One PC So Great? What can owners expect?

The HP Omni 27-1210xt is proving to be a unified computer that many consumers are looking for. From iconic design to exclusive technology, you can’t go wrong with computers like this. The components are stored in a very high resolution display package. Imagine watching videos, viewing photos, and browsing the web on a 27-inch screen. The lightweight design makes it easy to set up anywhere in your home. You can even mount it on the wall!

Don’t think that storing all of this behind a giant screen will take up a lot of space. The 1210x model has a compact design and won’t take up much space at all. The flat screen, with glass from edge to glass, is designed for flexibility. You can tilt it in any direction.

The system is powered by a 3rd generation Intel Core quad processor (i5 3330S). SODIMM memory can store between 8 GB and 16 GB. Although the system has Intel integrated graphics (HP), you can still add 1 GB – 2 GB AMD Radeon HD OR 1 GB – 2 GB NVIDIA GeForce video card to your application.

The great thing about the HP Omni 27-1210xt is that it is highly customizable. If you shop online, you can add a variety of ingredients to your order. You will set everything up and send it home as promised.

If you want more processing power, for example, you can upgrade the i5 processor to the i7 processor. Even if the basic memory option is 8 GB, you can increase it to 10, 12, or 16 GB. The hard drive option starts at 1 TB and you can upgrade to 2 TB or 3 TB if you need extra storage space. There is also room for a slim optical drive slot. Options include SuperMulti DVD R / RW, Blu-Ray writer (with bay) and Blu-Ray player (with bay).

In terms of connectivity and sync, this unified computer has 7 USB ports! You can easily connect everything from your iPhone to a digital camera system. Synchronizing photos, documents, music, and videos is a quick and easy process.

The sound is beautifully rendered thanks to the Beats Audio system and integrated sound card. You can expect to hear studio quality audio when you listen to music or watch movies.

Finally, all HP Omni 27-1210xt computers are required. It has an amazing screen and plenty of flexibility. Set it up where you want it (including the wall) and you won’t have to worry about taking up too much space.

HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14z-b000 Review – An inexpensive notebook with solid construction

The HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14z-b000 lives up to its name. This is a great looking notebook that allows you to make money on other ultrabooks. With the 14z-b000 you can expect style, mobility, reliability and more. It is designed to meet all your computing needs. Like the previous ones, this elegant book has an excellent construction.

The 14-inch HD screen presents text and colors in stark contrast. The AMD dual-core processor (E1 1200) powers the system. Windows 8 is one of the first ultrabooks to hit the market. Whether you want a black or red blonde finish, your family and colleagues will be jealous of your new notebook.

Speaking of family, you can turn this notebook into a family computer. It can be used for homework, research, work, games and almost any other type of activity. There is enough space on the hard drive for everyone. The amount of storage is between 500 GB and 750 GB. 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm options are available.

As for RAM, you can choose from 4 GB, 6 GB or 8 GB (1600 DDR3). The system’s 4 GB of memory should be enough if you don’t want to play some online games. Want to upgrade to 6GB or 8GB for high-end gaming.

Although there is no optical drive with a standard laptop, you can order an external SuperMulti 8X DVD RW drive with dual-layer support. Battery life lasts 4 hours with a 4-cell lithium-ion battery. Need more battery? You will find that the battery can be easily removed and replaced with another.

For connectivity options, you have USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.0, RJ45 and HDMI 1. You can connect your iPod, iPhone, digital camera, printer, and even HDTV to the HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14z-b000. Synchronizing files is a quick process, especially if you go with a 7200 rpm hard drive.

As with all laptops, this model comes with microphone and headphone ports. You can listen to your favorite music with high quality audio. Your voice will come out clear thanks to a built-in microphone at one end and the other end.

Don’t worry about your laptop ever hitting or falling. HP ProtectSmart technology keeps all data safe. It senses movement and quickly locks the hard drive and protects it from damage.

In that regard, the HP Pavilion Sleekbook is a good laptop designed for the 14z-b000 durable. Sustainability remains strong and HP’s exclusive technology works well. It’s also cheap. You can’t go wrong investing in a laptop that offers everything this does.

Dell OptiPlex 3011 All-In-One Review – 20-inch Desktop with Business Solutions and More

Today, many companies combine all desktops in their offices. They are space-saving desktops that can be easily integrated into any work environment. The Dell OptiPlex 3011 All-in-One is a well-known choice for its performance capabilities and versatility.

The 20-inch screen is compact, but still large enough to provide additional room for future upgrades. Both the plain screen and the touch screen are available. You can choose what you want when customizing 3011.

Overall, the design is simple. The computer has a black color scheme and a support arm that supports the screen. The angle can be adjusted to see better from anywhere in a room. On the left are some USB ports and sockets for microphones and headphones. On the right is the DVD RW drive.

Because business computers have a lot of private information, the amount of security they bring is very important. The Dell OptiPlex 3011 comes with excellent technology for security and data protection. The system management function provides centralized solutions and automated management. Data Protection technology makes it easier to secure important data and manage user access. Dell provides excellent deployment services to help companies create standardized environments.

One more advantage is that it makes it easier to connect to others on the network. Collaboration tools include VoIP, Bluetooth, high-resolution cameras, and more. Dell provides Cloud desktop computing to help companies manage important network data. With 3030, you can store and secure data virtually and access it from any other cloud-enabled device.

What kind of processor can you expect? The basic option is an Intel Pentium dual-core (G2120) processor with HD graphics. The mid-range option comes with an Intel Core i3, and a full-size version with an Intel Core i5 processor. The amount of memory that comes with this series is 4 GB. For the hard drive, Dell offers 500 GB of SATA drives for this line of compatible computers.

Wireless LAN, Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth enable an Internet connection. You can interact with the computer with a wireless keyboard and mouse. A single cable with 3011 computers is required, and that is the power cable. The 20-inch screen can be configured on the wall with special mounts.

Whatever your business needs and needs, the Dell OptiPlex 3011 All-in-One comes with a lot of startups. It can also grow with your business because many features can be expanded and renewed. You don’t have to worry about investing in a new desktop all the time.

Invention Submission Firms, Design Firms, and Patent Lawyers – Are They All a Rip-Off?

Watch most Inventor shows on TV and you will likely see people on the edge of disaster financially. You hear story after story of people that took out a second mortgage on their house, used every bit of savings they had, were living in their car and on the brink of bankruptcy. These were the ones that made it on camera. They had thousands of entrants and only a few made it as far as being televised. Just think if even ¼ of the people who auditioned and didn’t get on T.V spent as much money as the ones you saw. The other thing you need to consider is that all of those that did not get on T.V. were looking for someone to produce their idea and get it to market.

There are a number of invention submission companies out there and now there are even more that have sprung up offering help, for a price and feeding off of everyone’s enthusiasm to make it rich. Unfortunately, not all of them have your best interest at heart. Some of them are only out to empty your bank account and really don’t care if your item gets to market as long as your check clears the bank. You have to understand no matter who you pick to use, they provide a service and that for every service you use you will have to pay a price.

If you come to them and say I have idea X and I want to have a patent search done, I want to file for a patent; I want to get a prototype made and have my idea sent to companies for possible licensing. They will be more than happy to do all those things… for a fee. It is not their job to tell you your idea stinks. They are providing the service you requested. They want to provide you with the services you said you wanted… for a fee.

Think of it this way. If a company that cuts grass as a service was working across the street from your house and you went over to them and said “Can you cut my grass?” They are most likely going to say “Yes, we can do that for X amount of money.” If you say I want you to cut my grass every week whether it needs it or not. They will set you up on a schedule and cut your grass every week whether it needs it or not. Because, you are the paying customer and you are asking them to provide you with their service. They also know that if you are determined to get your grass cut every week whether it needs it or not and they turn you down you will just go and find another company willing to do it every week. So, is that company a bad company for giving you what you want even when you don’t need it?

When you go to a Patent Attorney’s office and say I want you to do a patent search for me on my idea should the Patent Lawyer say “Have you gone to Google.com/patent or the patent office website yourself first to see if anything else is out there?” When you go to a design firm and say “Can you build this for me out of titanium?” Do you expect them to say “What are your plans for this? Have you looked to see if anything else is out there like this?”

When you go to a manufacturer with your designed product and say ” I want you to make me 5,000 of these in red and blue”. Do you expect them to say “We won’t make these for you until you can prove to us that these will be marketable and you will make your money back on them?”

If that is what you expect to happen you will be severely disappointed because the chances of that happening are slim to none. Why? Because they are in business to make money and they are selling you a service and you are asking them to perform a service. Whether you feel it is morally wrong on their part to do as you ask, even if they know you are wasting your money. It is not illegal for them to provide you the service. It is your job to do your research up front and to be as informed as possible to make sure you are making a sound decision.

Don’t get me wrong I feel horrible for anyone that loses their shirt and goes severely in debt, gets ripped off or just has bad luck with a product that is a great idea. I am trying to make sure you know up front what you are getting into and make you ask the hard questions to determine if you need these services. As I have said before I have several items on the market that I spent less than $100 on and never set foot in a patent lawyer’s office, or hired a design firm, or contacted a manufacturer to build me X amount of prototypes. So, it can be done.

When you come up with an idea that you think is great. You need to stop and do this exercise before you approach any company and ask for any services. Take off your Inventors cap and put on your Consumers cap. You can’t think of your idea as YOUR idea anymore. You have to think of it as something you see on the store shelf when you go shopping and are spending YOUR hard earned money to purchase it. I can’t emphasize this enough. You need to REALLY look at your idea from the consumer’s point of view and ask these questions.

• Would I REALLY buy this item if I saw it in the store?

• Why would I buy it?

• Would people that bought one buy another later? Is your idea a one-time purchase?

• Is this an item that more than just your family and friends would buy because they like/love you?

• Which companies do you think would sell this type of item?

• Are there any items like yours on the market? If yes, how is yours better and why would it sell better than theirs? Are theirs selling at all or just taking up shelf space?

• Will the consumer GET your product when they see it on the shelf without the advantage of having a commercial built around it?

These are simple questions YOU can answer without paying a soul. If you get more negative answers to these questions than positives you need to reevaluate your idea.

As an Inventor you do have rights when it comes to working with an invention submission company. Many people get ripped off because they don’t know the right questions to ask or what the invention submission company is required by federal law to tell you before you sign on the dotted line with them. If they are unwilling to answers the questions required by law, that should be a huge red flag to you; run and get away from them as fast as possible with your wallet still intact. If they are legitimate they have nothing to hide and should be happy to show you their successes and failures. Many have their successes posted on their website for you to check out.

The American Inventors Protection Act of 1999 is there for your protection. Use it. Companies that fall under this act are required to tell you the information below BEFORE you sign a contract becoming a client, not AFTER you have already spent the money!

Below is a portion of the act and its list of rights you have. READ IT! This is for YOUR protection!

Note: This is what was current as of this printing. You may need to look up a current version which can be found online easily. This is just a portion of the law that I have posted. As I stated you can find the full law online. I thought this section would give you a good basis to start with and you could look up the entire current law.

American Inventors Protection Act of 1999



This title may be cited as the American Inventors Protection Act of 1999′.

Subtitle A-Inventors’ Rights


This subtitle may be cited as the Inventors’ Rights Act of 1999′.


(a) IN GENERAL- Chapter 29 of title 35, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following new section:

Sec. 297. Improper and deceptive invention promotion

(a) IN GENERAL- An invention promoter shall have a duty to disclose the following information to a customer in writing, prior to entering into a contract for invention promotion services:

(1) the total number of inventions evaluated by the invention promoter for commercial potential in the past 5 years, as well as the number of those inventions that received positive evaluations, and the number of those inventions that received negative evaluations;

(2) the total number of customers who have contracted with the invention promoter in the past 5 years, not including customers who have purchased trade show services, research, advertising, or other non-marketing services from the invention promoter, or who have defaulted in their payment to the invention promoter;

(3) the total number of customers known by the invention promoter to have received a net financial profit as a direct result of the invention promotion services provided by such invention promoter;

‘(4) the total number of customers known by the invention promoter to have received license agreements for their inventions as a direct result of the invention promotion services provided by such invention promoter; and

(5) the names and addresses of all previous invention promotion companies with which the invention promoter or its officers have collectively or individually been affiliated in the previous 10 years.

(b) CIVIL ACTION- (1) Any customer who enters into a contract with an invention promoter and who is found by a court to have been injured by any material false or fraudulent statement or representation, or any omission of material fact, by that invention promoter (or any agent, employee, director, officer, partner, or independent contractor of such invention promoter), or by the failure of that invention promoter to disclose such information as required under subsection (a), may recover in a civil action against the invention promoter (or the officers, directors, or partners of such invention promoter), in addition to reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees-

(A) the amount of actual damages incurred by the customer; or

(B) at the election of the customer at any time before final judgment is rendered, statutory damages in a sum of not more than $5,000, as the court considers just.

(2) Notwithstanding paragraph (1), in a case where the customer sustains the burden of proof, and the court finds, that the invention promoter intentionally misrepresented or omitted a material fact to such customer, or willfully failed to disclose such information as required under subsection (a), with the purpose of deceiving that customer, the court may increase damages to not more than three times the amount awarded, taking into account past complaints made against the invention promoter that resulted in regulatory sanctions or other corrective actions based on those records compiled by the Commissioner of Patents under subsection (d).

(c) DEFINITIONS- For purposes of this section-

(1) a ‘contract for invention promotion services’ means a contract by which an invention promoter undertakes invention promotion services for a customer;

(2) a ‘customer’ is any individual who enters into a contract with an invention promoter for invention promotion services;

(3) the term ‘invention promoter’ means any person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other entity who offers to perform or performs invention promotion services for, or on behalf of, a customer, and who holds itself out through advertising in any mass media as providing such services, but does not include-

(A) any department or agency of the Federal Government or of a State or local government;

(B) any nonprofit, charitable, scientific, or educational organization, qualified under applicable State law or described under section 170(b) (1) (A) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986;

(C) any person or entity involved in the evaluation to determine commercial potential of, or offering to license or sell, a utility patent or a previously filed non-provisional utility patent application;

(D) any party participating in a transaction involving the sale of the stock or assets of a business; or

(E) any party who directly engages in the business of retail sales of products or the distribution of products; and

(4) the term ‘invention promotion services’ means the procurement or attempted procurement for a customer of a firm, corporation, or other entity to develop and market products or services that include the invention of the customer.


(1) RELEASE OF COMPLAINTS- The Commissioner of Patents shall make all complaints received by the Patent and Trademark Office involving invention promoters publicly available, together with any response of the invention promoters. The Commissioner of Patents shall notify the invention promoter of a complaint and provide a reasonable opportunity to reply prior to making such complaint publicly available.

(2) REQUEST FOR COMPLAINTS- The Commissioner of Patents may request complaints relating to invention promotion services from any Federal or State agency and include such complaints in the records maintained under paragraph (1), together with any response of the invention promoters.’.

(b) CONFORMING AMENDMENT- The table of sections at the beginning of chapter 29 of title 35, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following new item:

297. Improper and deceptive invention promotion.’.

Let me again be clear that it is the responsibility of the Inventor to check out a company before you use them. As I have said there are a lot of good legitimate invention submission companies, Design companies and patent lawyers out there. You just need to be very careful and thorough when you pick one, decide whether you need their services and understand what you get for your money. The odds are high that you might get burned if you just go in with your eyes closed and your wallet wide open.

Is Valcambi 50 Gram Gold CombiBar a wise investment?

The CombiBar Gold the bar is an ingot manufactured by Valcambi Suisse, weighing 50 grams, enclosed in rectangles of fifty grams, which can be easily broken and used for an emergency payment system in times of difficulty.

Gold CombiBars is created to the extent that it is similar to a credit card, with the goal of being easy to access and carry with you in your wallet.

First question that will come to your mind, “Is CombiBar a scam?”. I can assure you that it is not. This gold bar is offered by a reputable seller of precious metals created by a reputable company and will pass a required test. They actually come with a real exam card.

Each 1 gram gold rectangle in the Valcambi CombiBar is written with its own content and in fine, which is .9999 fine gold. To determine the current value of a 1 gram piece from a 50 gram Gold CombiBar, simply divide the price by one ounce of Gold at 10.1035. 31; no accurate, but close enough.

Next question What can be followed logically is, “Do I really need a Valcambi CombiBar Gold payment system? Will things ever get worse?”. Well, the clear answer is “I’m sure I hope not”.

Two things, however (at least) are against us.

One, it’s history. Fiat coins never last. The U.S. dollar is a reliable currency that no longer has the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. government. It has lost 92% of its purchasing power in dollars since the 1913 Federal Reserve Act.

Two, it’s topical. Since the start of the current financial crisis a few years ago, the U.S. government’s debt has exploded into waters that are not known today. It seems that a large part of this has been simply to store strong bank interest. While it may seem difficult to attribute this quote, it seems correct that democracy can only exist until the majority knows that it can vote for itself more broadly in terms of public finances.

As economies around the world crumble, mass riots and governments are taking desperate steps to control citizens in cash transactions, cross-border funds and limit gold itself.

If you just don’t need Gold, you won’t be able to get it.

Do enough people understand real money as gold and silver?

That’s a good question. Mark Dines a few years ago was unable to sell a $ 1,200 ounce gold maple gold coin for $ 50, then $ 25, and eventually couldn’t give it to people passing by on the street.

However, while more diners report for offering the 1964 menu prices for 1964 coins and gas stations sell them for ten cents per gallon if they pay the previous penny in 1965, people get the message.

And it can happen that even though most don’t get it, they will be the ones who get the resources you need to get it.

The phenomenon of BitCoin is making people aware of some problems. Note how the German government soon launched an attack on BitCoin to allow other governments to continue, including the United States.

Fiat currencies don’t like competition at all, much less “real money” or something that shows the weakness of fiat currencies.

The Bottom Line On The Valcambi 50 Gram Gold CombiBar.

Whether or not you need to break the CombiBar Gold 1 gram small bars completely for payments, Gold is still a good physical property. The premium is one or two percent higher than a sovereign gold coin like Buffalo or Eagle.

Consider your CombiBar 50-gram Gold Bars at home like fire insurance: you hope you never need it, but if you need it, it’s too late to get it on fire.

How to Market Cryptocurrencies – The Basics of Investing in Digital Currencies

Whether it’s the very idea of ​​cryptocurrency or portfolio diversification, people from all walks of life invest in digital currencies. If you’re new to the concept and wondering what’s going on, here are some basic concepts and considerations for investing in cryptocurrencies.

What cryptocurrencies are available and how to buy them?

With a market capitalization of $ 278 billion, Bitcoin is the most established cryptocurrency. Ethereum is the second largest market with more than $ 74 billion. In addition to these two currencies, there are many other options, including Ripple ($ 28B), Litecoin ($ 17B) and MIOTA ($ 13B).

Being the first to trade, there are many exchanges in Bitcoin trading worldwide. BitStamp and Coinbase are two popular exchanges based in the US. Bitcoin.de is a well-established European exchange. If you are interested in trading other digital currencies along with Bitcoin, the crypto market is where you will find all digital currencies in one place. Here is a list of exchanges based on 24-hour trading volume.

What options do I have to save my money?

Another important account is the storage of coins. One option, of course, is to save it for the exchange you buy. However, you should carefully select the exchange. Due to the popularity of digital currencies, many new and unknown exchanges have appeared everywhere. Take the time to do the proper tasks so you can avoid scammers.

Another option you have with cryptocurrencies is that you can save them yourself. The safest options for saving your investment are hardware wallets. Companies like Ledger allow you to store Bitcoins and some other digital currencies.

What is the market like and how can I learn more about it?

The cryptocurrency market moves a lot. The volatile nature of the market is more suitable for long-term games.

There are numerous news sites that report on digital currency, including Coindesk, Business Insider, Coin Telegraph and Cryptocoin News. In addition to these sites, there are many Twitter accounts that tweet around digital currency, including @BitcoinRTs and @AltCoinCalendar.

Digital currencies aim to disrupt the traditional currency and commodity market. Although these currencies still have a long way to go, the success of Bitcoins and Ethereum has shown that there is a real interest in the concept. Understanding the basics of cryptocurrency investment will get you in the right direction.

The price of gold in different countries

Economists believe that the price of gold, although uncertain, but estimated. They approach the valuation of any other commodity with rising production costs.

Specialists and gold traders, by contrast, adhere to the previous economic convention, which emphasizes the monetary role of existing gold reserves, which exceed the annual output of the new metal by two orders of magnitude. It is assumed that the price of gold is mainly based on expectations of changes in international macroeconomic variables and world trade.

None of these approaches gave good price forecasts. The main problem is that investment requirements cannot be seen simply as a modification of manufacturers ’stocks for the purpose of precaution or speculation. as with other goods. Thus, when we argue that fabricated demands should increase in proportion to world gross national product (GNP), and Leontief et al., We obtain forecasts of annual world gold consumption in 2000 that are absurdly high. i.e., two or three times in 1980. If we had to provide such increases from new gold mining, it would require an increase in real gold prices to $ 600 to $ 1,000 an ounce per constant dollar.

Obviously, these estimates do not correspond to the past patterns of changes in supply and demand for gold, which indicate a significant sensitivity to price changes (price elasticity). This suggests that market experts are reconsidering the role of gold as the main store of value, the value of which is less responsive to the movement of output and the cost of mining new gold than to changes in stocks of previously mined gold. Such assets mainly respond to changes in asset prices, i.e. interest rates, inflation and currency. Because prices are affected by changes in macroeconomic variables, this second approach attempts to correlate gold prices directly with monetary variables, but it has not been more successful than commodity.

One reason for the failure is that changes in gold reserves complicate the movement of international capital. The movement of capital is driven by expectations of changes in asset prices, and they are sensitive to uncertainty regarding monetary policy. These complications hinder and embarrass attempts to apply statistical analysis directly to explain gold price movements.

We propose to consider gold as the share price of foreign assets in the portfolios of international investors not exposed to currency risks. Own gold price, exchange rate, price level and interest rate are shown as replacement prices for assets that come with other exogenous variables and wealth in demand by private and public investors here and abroad. These investors maximize utility provided by the imbalance of monetary policy and balance of payments. As investors seek to maintain the desired level of various assets, foreign and domestic, gold bullion or stock markets respond in line with conditional expectations of changes in key rates and uncertainties affecting the value of the home country’s currency. The task of this hypothesis is to find a way to test it empirically.

A way around the complexity is given by stock exchanges. Because gold bullion bullion and stock are serious substitutes, the use of capital and asset pricing theory allows us to test this alternative model against North American gold producers whose shares are traded on the stock exchange.

Our results show that trends in new gold mining and price movements are not simple functions of commodity forecasts in a conventional gold market analysis. Gold is best predicted as a stock price determined by the stock exchange. This implies a much more volatile market when monetary expectations become dominant. Such periods are demonstrated by the size of the premium, which prevails over gold above its production price. This can be two to three times higher than usual, enough to significantly hinder the growth of the product. Around this level of premiums, irregular price cycles arise as a result of the movement of stock positions among investors during periods of adjustment to global currency imbalances. The variance in price is due to the sensitivity of the fabricated price requirements. We show that investors who monitor macroeconomic variables in a fully identified model can successfully thwart currency devaluations and capital gains for gamers periodically by using a strategy that includes gold securities in their investment portfolios.