Why are boutique hotels the preferred choice for all travelers?


Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world, with the number of millions of tourists around the world growing almost every day, both for personal and business reasons.

Of course, the biggest beneficiaries of the tourism industry are the hotels that receive these millions of tourists, and therefore more and more hotels are coming every day – from luxury, super luxury to budget hotels and guest houses. But the last word refers to a boutique hotel. Many tourists now prefer to stay in a place called a boutique hotel.

What is a boutique hotel and why is it so popular among tourists no matter what part of the world you visit?

The boutique hotel concept came from North America to offer a close and luxurious hotel environment. What distinguishes boutique hotels from other major hotels is individual service – individual accommodation and facilities for each guest. All boutique hotels are generally built on a theme that goes through all the rooms and service centers of the room. In general, boutique hotels are considered more stylish than their competitors, as most use the services of a specialist interior designer to create and execute a unique theme for the hotel.

All rooms, restaurants, lounges, etc. in the hotel. Carefully planned and built according to the designer’s vision.

A typical room in a boutique hotel, in addition to having a good balance between style and luxury, a bedroom with at least one guest size, telephone connection, Wi-Fi internet connection, can generally be used for hotel guests, cable TV, mini bar and night room service. Most boutique hotels will also have an excellent restaurant serving a variety of cuisines, as well as a lounge or bar where guests can take a break and relax and mingle with other guests. Generally, the salon or bar is also open to the general public.

A boutique hotel is generally smaller than the largest luxury hotel, the largest hotel room can be at least a hundred rooms, and the smallest up to five rooms.

In general, the majority of visitors to the boutique hotel are business travelers who provide re-employment of the hotel. However, recent trends have shown that many general tourists prefer to stay in these boutique hotels due to the luxury, privacy and special service they provide to their guests, unlike luxury or other hotels. budget hotel.

The staff at these hotels are very friendly and polite and trained to respond to all the wishes of their guests. While the number of employees is small compared to a large luxury hotel group, most guests express a high sense of service, which is one of the main reasons why a boutique hotel is becoming so popular. whether they are guests for leisure or business purposes.