HP OMEN Desktop 870-245qe Information: Everything you need to know about this powerful gaming desktop

Get a lot of fun games with the new 870-245qe HP OMEN desktop, which has plenty of hardware to easily handle live games. It’s a great computer for budget entertainment, aimed at both beginners and intermediate gamers, as well as for casual users who want something more than a typical desktop. Depending on the exact configuration, some models are VR ready.

Looking at the tower, you can tell that it is well built, with a dark metallic finish and bright red accents. LED lights can be customized. Connect the desktop to the desired screen using the HDMI output and DisplayPort. The former allows you to stream HD video and audio with a single cable. The latter is very robust and transmits 8K performance – you can even connect multiple screens together!

With a quad-core processor, the 870-245qe offers maximum performance and full speed to meet your favorite games and meet the toughest multi-tasking requirements. All the work is divided between the four cores that enable Hyper-Threading technology. The CPU that comes with the basic configuration is the i5-7600K model, with a 6 MB cache and a frequency starting at 3.8 GHz. It can reach up to 4.2 GHz with turbo boost technology.

This is meant to be a fast machine with at least 8GB of DDR4 SDRAM 2133 memory. There are four DIMM slots so you can easily add them. Two 4GB slots can also be upgraded. In terms of graphics, you can choose the NVIDIA GeForce GTX with the HP OMEN Desktop 870-245qe, starting with a 1060 (3 GB dedicated) video card.

HP OMEN Desktop 870-245qe connectivity and hard drive

There is enough storage with 1 TB of SATA as it has a fast speed of 7200 RPM. Watch movies and make DVD copies with an optical DVD burner. Other media can be accessed with a 7-1 memory card reader.

Make a desktop part of your home network by connecting to the wireless internet. It has 802.11 abgn-ac (1 × 1) and Bluetooth 4.2 M.2. There are several external ports for connecting other devices and accessories: four USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 and a combination of microphones / headphones. The power supply comes as a 500 W AC adapter. The USB optical mouse and black keyboard are paired with the OMEN tower.

How much power and speed do you need for games? Check out the minimum hardware requirements for your favorite games and set up the HP OMEN Desktop 870-245qe. You can’t go wrong with this desktop.

Whether it’s price matching policies, a promo code, or any other HP coupon, there’s always a way to save on those desktops. Start today and use the HP OMEN Desktop 870-245qe discount to get this computer at an affordable price.