Can you mine bitcoin on your smartphone?

Let’s take a look at the bitcoin price index from July 2012 to September 2020 for a better understanding of this digital currency – Users who traded bitcoins have used many Android apps that are also used to store bitcoins. Several apps are available, and you can download the best bitcoin app from either Google […]

Will FinTech revolutionize the Financial Services Industry?

When it comes to customers, it’s all about experience. Customers don’t differentiate between small or larger organizations, or even separate channels, once they get the best level of satisfaction and the best quality service, they expect the same kind of experience from a small business as they do from a larger one. Larger organizations with […]

Investment mistake by Otto Anders

In 2015, an elderly gentleman from Louisiana cashed in a nearby bank a truckload of plastic jugs with 55-liter pennies he had collected over the previous 45 years. After the last penny was calculated, Otto Anders received more than $ 5,130 in total for his money. That’s over 510,000 cents. To the general public, this […]

Why you need to buy and sell gold coins (part 6)

Gold before 1933 surpasses today’s gold bars … Since 1970, it has been proven that the investment strategy, which included gold until 1933, is superior to modern gold bars, gold bars, Krugerrands, Canadian maple leaf or American eagles. In fact, gold coins before 1933, invested in a total date of $ 1,000, have a market […]